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Restart of Golf

Burnley Golf Club
Restart of Golf

Dear Member

Many thanks for your patience and I can now confirm that golf can recommence from Wednesday 2nd December 2020.

I am in the process of reconfiguring the BRS booking system and as before, all golf MUST be pre booked via BRS.

Due to limited daylight hours and the likely 'burst' of activity, please only make reservations which you intend to keep. If you cannot keep a reservation, please cancel it to give others a chance.

At this moment in time, visitors will only be allowed if a guest of and playing with a member.

You are also advised that the 'Roll Ups' on Monday, Wednesday and Friday are open to everyone. If you want to book a time within those allocated slots, you should contact David Owen for the earlier times and our President Kim Stevens for the later ones.

Initially, all bookings will only be permitted 7 days in advance and to allow everyone the chance to make a booking, the first slots will become free from 7pm Wednesday 25th November.

The following golfing guidelines MUST be observed:

No gathering of groups on the 1st tee
No changing in the locker rooms which are only in use to store and retrieve Clubs and for toilet facilities.
Use sanitiser on entering and leaving both the Club and trolley store.
Face covering to be worn at all times in the Clubhouse and shop.
On course, continue to maintain social distancing and there should be no exchanging of cards
Flags must not be touched at any time
Bunker play is permissible with move and place ball within 6 inches

Play from the fairways is only permitted with use of a mat otherwise balls on the fairway must be placed and played from the semi rough. Please replace any divots taken in the semi rough.

All greens have been hand mowed and it is imperative that you repair all pitch marks including those that may have been missed by others!

A lot of work has been ongoing during lockdown including replacing drains and thinning a lot of the rough grass.

Our staff are working on a number of aspects of the course and MUST be given priority at all times. Some holes may be out of play at certain times and Members are asked to respect this and ensure the safety of staff all all times.

Buggies will be permitted where conditions allow but at no time will they be allowed on any fairway and must only be driven on paths and semi rough areas.
Sadly, some have taken buggies into areas where significant damage has been caused. This must not happen again otherwise it could put the buggy use in jeopardy.
Buggies are for hire by members only and they must be in possession of a medical certificate and hire approved by Honorary Secretary.
As there are a limited number of buggies available all must be pre booked and paid for on booking by contacting our Professional Sam.

Trolleys must not be taken onto areas surrounding greens or tee beds and roped off areas prohibiting entry with trolleys or buggies MUST be observed.

Competitions Committee are currently considering recommencement of competitions but no decision has yet been taken.

It is great to get back playing but respect for the course and the aforementioned rules is requested from all.

As always, any problems please feel to contact me but I would urge respect and consideration for everyone during the next couple of months and hopefully we can get back to some normality in the New Year.

We will find out on Thursday which Tier we have been placed in but in the meantime, please try and support Hayley and Ashley as much as you can by using their take away service.

Sorry for all the 'rules' but these are necessary to ensure everyone understands their personal responsibilities in caring for our course.

Enjoy your golf and Stay Safe

Alan Green
Hon Secretary

Thank You to all our Members

Well done on raising £2,933 for the Pendleside Hospice, a local, most deserving charity.

Latest Updates for Members

Update 11th May 2020

Restart of Golf at Glen View
As promised here are the details of how golf at Glen View will restart from 6 am on Wednesday 13th May 2020.
These guidelines and requirements are designed to minimise risk and make everyone’s experience as pleasurable and safe as possible.
We apologise for any aspects considered prescriptive but they are devised to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment.
Please note that it is essential that we work within Government guidelines and are responsible in all our actions.
Golf Bookings
Please note that initially there will be no visitors allowed.
The only golf played will be social golf and competitions will not be played until advised.
All rounds of golf must be booked online without exception and we will use the HowDidIdo booking system which is the one we use normally for competition booking.
All bookings should be made online but if necessary where people don’t have online access, bookings can be made by telephoning the shop. In cases of urgency, please contact Hon Secretary or a member of Competitions committee.
All golf must commence from the 1st tee and starting from any other tee is strictly prohibited.
At this moment in time 2 balls, or single players only will be allowed with tee times at 10 minute intervals. You are asked to please observe your tee time and not to commence before your allotted time.
The tee sheet will run from 6am – 8pm daily.
You will be able to book for yourself and your partner. Your playing partner need not be a member of your household but MUST be a member of our club.
The first tee sheet will come available tomorrow evening (Tuesday 12th May) at 7pm. At that time, bookings will be available for Wednesday 13th until Sunday 24th May. You may make only 3 bookings between the 13th and Sunday 17th May.
Booking for week commencing Monday 18th May until Sunday 24th May will go live at 7pm on Friday 15th May.
Thereafter booking will become available each Friday at 7pm for the following Monday to Sunday.
You will be allowed to book a maximum of 4 tee times in any 7 day period at that time.
After the designated booking time, ie 7pm on Fridays, members will be able to book additional times from 7pm the day after (Saturday).
It is anticipated that initially there will be a rush with large numbers wanting to play, so members are asked to be considerate of others and be prepared to be flexible in their plans. If you cannot fulfil a booking, please cancel online or call the shop as soon as you know to allow others an opportunity to play.
Arrival at the Club
Please arrive at the Club in time to get ready for tee off ideally not more than 10 minutes before your tee time.
All preparation for golf should take place from the car park as the Clubhouse will be closed with no entry allowed.
Please park your car away from other occupied vehicles to assist in maintaining social distancing.
Initially, the winter 1st tee will be in use to assist in social distancing. We may revert to the permanent tee once we have assessed safety aspects after golf has recommenced.
Please do not go to the 1st tee until it has been vacated by the group in front.
Please Do not tee off until the group in front have left the1st Green
Clubhouse and Trolley Store
Initially both will remain closed but again we will constantly review this to assess if either can be accessed safely.
Members have already been advised to arrange to remove items needed from lockers and to remove trolleys. Arrangements to be made by contacting Hon Secretary.
Toilet/Washrooom Facilities
Initially, there will be no toilet or washroom facilities available at the Club and the course toilets will also be out of commission.
Members are requested to make their own sanitising wipes available for personal use.
Club Shop
The Club shop will be open but you are asked to respect the safety of others, maintain social distancing and only one person in the shop at a time please.
Where weather conditions permit, the shop door will remain open.
Purchases should ideally be made by use of contactless card.
Members are requested to refrain from using scorecards where possible but if you do require a card they will be available in the shop but should be for single personal use only and not exchanged.
On Course
Greens Staff MUST be afforded priority at all times. You should always
ensure that it is safe to tee off or play your shot before doing so.
If staff are working on or close to a green, players are asked to play to the temporary green and not to wait which could mean the group behind catching up. If it is necessary to close a hole to allow essential work, you are requested to respect that closure please.
Whilst playing golf, it is imperative that you maintain the social distancing recommendation of at least 2 metres at all times, with special attention paid to times when you are on greens or tee beds.
You are reminded that touching or handling your partners equipment should not occur and the social aspects of golf such as shaking hands etc should be avoided at all times.
Flags will be in position on the greens but must not be touched or removed for any reason. The holes are being adapted to allow for easy retrieval of your ball and several trials may take place during this initial period.
There will be no course furniture and members are respectfully asked to take home any waste or rubbish you may have. The bells have had the strikers removed and you should use a club to ring the bell if necessary. Golfers should ensure that it is clear in front and safe to play on any hidden holes.
There will be no rakes in bunkers. All bunkers will be thoroughly raked once per week and members are asked to repair bunkers using a club or golf shoe to the best of their ability.
Gates at 5/6 and 16/17 will be removed and members are asked to take special care when crossing Woodplumpton Road.
The gates to the course and practice area at Woodplumpton Road will be closed at 4.30 pm each day so buggies should be clear of that area by that time. All cars should be removed from the Woodplumpton Road Practice area car park before 4.30 pm.
All play should be at a pace which ensures no hold ups for the groups behind and ready golf should be adopted by all. If you haven’t found your ball within a maximum of 3 minutes please move on.
At the end of the round, members are asked to leave the course by the path at the side of the putting green and not to walk across the 1st tee area. Please use the safest route to avoid contact with others and you are asked to leave the Club area as soon as possible. It is requested that there is no socialising after golf.
Club Buggies
Club buggies will only be available for hire by those members with a certified medical condition. Any member intending to seek the hire of a buggy MUST advise the Hon Secretary in writing by email and must be agreed before first hire.
All buggies must be booked in advance and paid for by card to the shop, preferably by phone or contactless.
The hirer will not be required to sign the normal waiver form on each occasion but will be required to acknowledge the requirement to observe the safety notice for use and waiver notice and it will be an implicit condition of buggy hire and must be agreed before the first hire.
Wherever possible the user will be allocated the same buggy on each occasion.
Only one person may use a buggy and only one set of clubs may be carried on same.
Prior to and after use the user must sanitise the buggy using the materials provided and this is an absolute condition of permitting use. Failure to do so will result in future hiring not being allowed.
Practice Facilities
The Practice bays will not be in use at any time during the current status.
The driving nets will also be closed.
The use of both practice areas will be allowed but social distancing must be observed at all times. There will be no flags in use on the practice areas.
Members are asked to respect other members and to ensure fair and equitable access/use for everyone. You are reminded that the access to the car park at Woodplumpton will be closed at 4.30pm each day.
The putting green will be in use without flags and cups will be upturned. There should be no more than 2 people on the putting green at any one time with social distancing maintained throughout.
A review of how the plans are working will be carried out over the coming weekend so if anyone has any thoughts or observations, please email them to me for consideration.
We hope that by observing these requirements and conditions we can all begin to enjoy the game of golf again but it is only through your cooperation will our safety and enjoyment be assured.
Stay Safe Alan

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