Dress Code

Dress Code

In the interest of upholding reasonable standards of dress Burnley Golf Club requests that all members and visitors comply with the following dress code: 

On the Golf Course • All shirts must be an approved golf shirt. 'New style' round/crew neck golf shirts are acceptable.• No football related clothing allowed on the course. 

• Collarless and/or sleeveless shirts or T-shirts are not considered acceptable.

 • No blue denims or track-suit bottoms to be worn on the course. 

• Recognised golf shoes must be worn, no trainers or beach footwear

• Shorts must be tailored knee length.

• Single coloured socks must be worn at all times 

• No beach style or ¾ length pant type shorts allowed on the course.

In the Clubhouse

• Dress should be smart/casual throughout the clubhouse. 

• Smart blue denims are acceptable.

Examples of clothing styles which are not acceptable:- 

• Football related clothing, track/shell suits, wet, ripped or dirty clothing/waterproofs. 

• Summer: Shorts can be worn in the clubhouse and must be tailored knee length with or without side pockets. 

• No beach style or ¾ length pant type shorts allowed in the clubhouse. 

• No studded footwear or golf shoes or golf hats to be worn in the Lounge/Bar area. 

 Mobile Phone Policy 

Use of mobile phones on the golf course is discouraged. They may however be taken onto the course for use in genuine emergencies only and must remain on silent/vibrate. Golfers may be asked to leave the course if observed using a mobile phone outwith these conditions. 

Within the Clubhouse, members and Guests are asked to restrict use to the hallway and landing areas.  They must not be used in the Lounge or Snooker areas of the Club.

It is the responsibility of all members to observe and enforce the above code. (It is hoped that common sense prevails.) Persons not complying may be asked to leave the course or premises.


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