Membership Offers 2021/22

Flexible and Family Friendly Membership Offers

Are you a budding Rory Mcllroy or Charlie Hull?

Want to try golf? 

Then why not join us at Burnley Golf Club?  

Everyone is welcome to come along and see what to see what's on offer at our club. 

Come and have a go at a great sport and hobby that you can play for a lifetime.

Don't think you can fit golf into your busy schedule?  Think again!  Golf is great exercise and calories are burnt very quickly on a golf course.  Check out our Flexible Membership option, listed in the drop down menu.

Lots of  special offers on individual & family memberships:

Three month Trial Membership for women - only £50, which includes three free lessons.


Three Month Summer Junior Golf Trial Membership - only £50 including 3 lessons,


Three Month Family Golf Trial Membership - only £250 for two adults and two children, including three lessons. 

So, why not give golf a go?

Social Membership

All categories of golf membership offer free social membership to spouses/partners. We have a great social scene at Burnley Golf Club with lots of varied functions, events and live music evenings. Have a look at the 'What's On' page to get a better idea of what is available. Special rates for 2021 at just £10! You would be most welcome to join us. You can download a Social Membership Form from the drop down menu.

We have lots of varied social events and the Clubhouse is always a fun place to be, especially at Christmas and to celebrate the New Year. Our Summer Ball and our Fine Dining Events are definitely not to be missed.

If you are interested in joining just download the social application form or give our Office a call on 01282 455266 and they will be more than happy to have a chat with you.

Social Membership

We offer modern lounges and bars, outside patio and garden seating areas, excellent catering and a friendly welcome. Why not join us? Special offer for 2021-only £10 membership which includes bar discounts.

Click HERE to download a social membership form.

Membership Offers 2021/22

Stop Press! We are offering a Second Club Membership for Lady Golfers at the amazing price of £125 for a year's membership! Ladies must have been a full member of their first club for a minimum of two years and will be eligible to play in ALL ladies and mixed competitions, but not eligible to win a major prize, but can compete for all division prizes etc. Email: for more details.


We are offering some fantastic reductions for new members, just call our PGA Professional, Sam Punchard on 01282 455266 or download a membership form, which has all the categories and prices on, to get you started.  

We would particularly welcome new Juniors, Ladies and members 40 years and under, and we are currently offering some fantastic deals on these membership categories.

Great reductions if you join now.  Please contact our Secretary on 01282 45266 for details. 

We are offering full membership for anyone aged 40 years and below at SIGNIFICANTLY discounted rates. 

Please check out the membership application form for more details (CLICK HERE).  

No other golf clubs in East Lancashire are offering such great deals for these age categories.

We continue to be under-represented in Junior golf, our Ladies Section and members under the age of 30.  

There are some fantastic deals and opportunities for free lessons within these categories to encourage new members.

The following subscription levels will apply for all new applicants in 2020/21, and all adult golf categories include free social membership for partner/spouse.


New members receive a 2 year discount of £90 each year (discounted to
£772) + £25 on bar card.


£660.  Two year discount of £50 each year (discounted
to £610) + £25 on bar card.


£550, including free social membership for spouse. Two year discount of £140 each
year (discounted to £415).


Two year discount of £50 each year (discounted to £668).


£615 male and £408 for females.  Two year
discount of £56 for males (discounted to £559), and £30 for females,
(discounted to £378).


male and £290 for females.

time Education

male and £210 for females.


male and females.

16 - 17

males and females.


10 - 15

males and females.


for new members (no previous handicap) + 5 lessons.

3 month trial

which includes 3 lessons.

Male Full £862 which includes free social membership for partner. HOWEVER, there will be a discount of £90 applied for the fist two years (discounted to £772) and £25 credit on your bar card.

Ladies Full £550 and £140 discount for first 2 years (discounted to £415) and free social membership for partner.

5 Day Membership £660 with £50 discount for first 2 years (discounted to £610) + £25 on bar card. With no time restrictions for playing during the week.

Academy Membership Year 1: £375. Applies to any new applicant who is relatively new to golf, has not previously held a club handicap and wishes to try or improve their game. Price includes 5 free lessons with our Teaching PGA Professional Sam Punchard 

Academy Membership Year 2: £550.  This is an improver opportunity for Academy Members to play in year two at significantly reduced rates, and have the opportunity to gain  a CONGU handicap and play in midweek competitions.

Any Academy member subsequently applying for full membership will pay the difference between initial payment and full membership cost.

Ladies may wish to take advantage of a 3 month trial offer at a cost of only £50, which included three free lessons.

The following changes have been made for those members age 40 years and under:

Junior 10 to 15 years £50 (male and female)

Junior 16 to 17 years  £100 (male and female)

Junior 18  £150 male and female

Intermediate 19-24 £440 (male) / £290 (female)

Intermediate 25-35 £615 (male) / £408 (female).  These fees will be discounted for the first two years: £56 for males (discounted to £559) and £30 for females (discounted to £378).

Intermediate 36 - 40 £712, discounted for the first two years by £50 per year to £668.

Full Time Education £275 (male) / £210 (female).

As a member of the Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASC) we are keen to offer the opportunity to play golf at our club to everyone.  We offer a flexible style membership opportunity for local people who may not be in a financial position to join our club as a full member initially.  Further details are available on request.

We have many social events and the Clubhouse is always a fun place to be. New Years Eve, our Summer Ball and Annual Dinner Dance are fantastic events, open to all. 

If you are interested in joining please feel free to ring or call with our Secretary who will be more than happy to talk through the application process and explain how payments (including monthly direct debit) can be arranged.

Assisted Membership

As a member of the Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASC) we are keen to offer the opportunity to play golf at our club to everyone. We offer a special rate for modest/low income families, who may not currently be in a strong financial position. Please contact our Secretary, Alan Green (01282 455266 Ext 1) to get more details.


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