Our Club Officials

Our Club Officials for 2022/23

Club Captain: Mr Graeme Evans
Lady Captain: Mrs Lynda Makin
Club President: Mr Kim Stevens

Vice Captain: Mr Ian Brindle
Lady Vice Captain: Ms Wendy Brearley

Vice Captain Elect: Mr Simon Ashworth

Hon Secretary: Mr Alan Green
Hon Treasurer: Mrs Maureen Barson
Hon Auditor: Mr Eric Hargreaves
Hon Solicitor: Mr Simon Newton

Trustees: Mr Charles Bullas, Mr Geoff Butterfield, Mrs Joyce Green MBE and Mr Andrew Birbeck

Council Members: Mr Alan Trafford, Mr Martin Leach, Mr Andrew Perry, Mr Howard Jenkins, Mr John Hall, Mr Phil Clegg, Mr Steve Chapman, Mr Darren Jennins.

Greens Committee: J Hall (Chair), G Butterfield.
House Committee: A Trafford (Chair), C Bullas, M Leach, S Chapman.
Competitions Committee: A Perry (Chair), A Birbeck, H Jenkins, D Jennins.
Marketing & Business Development: P Clegg (Chair) J Green, I Brindle, S Stevens.

Our Club Officials for 2022/23. Just click on their pictures to find out who they are and what their role is.
Retiring Captain Phil Clegg and Club Captain for 2022, Graeme Evans
Club Captain, Graeme Evans
Lady Captain, Lynda Makin
Club Secretary, Alan Green
Office Manager, Howard Jenkins
Trustee, Charlie Bullas
Chair of House, Alan Trafford